Industry NewsRack mount 6 inch dual monitor solutions from Anxin

Rack mount 6 inch dual monitor solutions from Anxin

rack mount 6 inch dual monitor

19" Rack Mount Dual 6.4" TFT LCD Screen dual LCD Monitor, 3.5U High


Compact 19" rack mount dual TFT LCD screen monitor, 3.5U High
Construction:Heavy duty steel chassis
Input signal: VGA , Video,S-Video
Control: Front panel OSD Control
Power Supply: External 48W DC 12V power adapter
Video Source:NTSC/Pal and detect
Input per panel(total):1(2)composite,1(2)S-Video
90° tilt adjustment while mounted in rack:+45° ~-45° ( V )
Signal Connector: 15 Pin mini D-SUB,Video,S-Video connector
Function Control: Power Switch, Menu, Select (+,-), Enter
OSD: Brightness, Contrast, H/V Position, Color, Phase, Clock, Management
Touch screen ( optional )

The Dual 6.4 comes equipped with two 800 x 600 resolution LCDs for previewing details and has brightness, contrast and color controls for fine-tuning the video display. Each of the LCD panels on the Dual 6.4 have their own input and amplified loop-thru on BNC connectors for ease of configuring video systems. Constructed of heavy gauge aluminum and steel, the enclosure is both tough and attractive and can be a tilted 25° for setting up optimum viewing angles when installed in standard racks.

Key Features
Active matrix 800 x 600 LCD screens
Two inputs with active looping outputs on BNCs
Color, contrast, brightness and On/Off controls per LCD
3-RU Rack enclosure with tilt mechanism

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