About us

Shanghai Anxin Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd (Formerly Shenzhen Annxin Technology CO.,lTD.) is a specialized industrial computer RD and OEM manufacturer certified   ISO9001:2000, established in 2002 year, provides major products such as   industrial computer,industrial panel PC, touch screen pc, Fanless PC, LCD   monitor,touch screen monitor, mini itx case, mini itx PC, mini itx board, etc.   over 8 years experiences. Anxin technology has a factory with 2 finished-product production lines to produce. Now, Anxin are cooperating with   the well-known companies of industrial automation company in china, The high   quality product and short-delivery are praised by our customers.


Anxin industrial computers are widely used in the crucial fields, such   as military, telecom, mining, industrial automation, energy, traffic, aviation,   health care, network, material, AI (artificial intelligence), security, vehicle,   banking, entertainment etc.

Anxin, has a qualified working team that includes senior level mechanical   and electronic R&D engineers, OEM Product/Sales manager, ISO 9001 trained   manufacturing personnel, and an efficient logistics department. We have an   average age of 33 years old, and the average working experience in the   Industrial Computer field is more than 4 years.

Anxin describes itself as an innovator of Applied Computing Solutions.   Through ODM /OEM production, your are assured of designs that will meet your   exact specifications. Our innovative ideas in manufacturing that will make your   products a leading seller on the market. This results in short period of   development time for projects.


Major   products and OEM services:

Industrial LCD monitor and touch screen monitor: 8"--19"LCD, With VGA ,touch   screen and rugged panel, for HMI and industrial automation.

Industrial Panel PC, touch screen computer and fanless panel PC : 8"--19"   LCD, With touch screen, wifi optional, for HMI and industrial automation.

Mini itx pc, mini itx case, embedded PC, fanless PC: With rich I/O and for   many industrial applications, various kinds of embedded computers for your   choice.

All in one computer Workstation series: 4U with 8", 8U with 15", 8U with   17"

Industrial PC Chassis, rack-mount PC: Comprised of 19" 1U, 2U and 4U   standardized cases and embedded non-racked industrial enclosures.

Industrial Embedded Motherboard- full /half size SBC, 3.5", 5.25", Mini-ITX,   PC 104 and other non-standardized sizes. The non-standardized size motherboard   are specially designed for the applications such as POS, network and Car PC   etc.